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May 29, 2013
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Seat of Apples by AssasinMonkey Seat of Apples by AssasinMonkey
WeLoveFine My Little Pony Ponies Vs. Villians Contest entry:…

If I may ask you for your time to vote in the link above, I would very much appreciate it. Along with my other entries :) (You don't have to pick one, you can vote for them all)

"Dear Applejack,"

My totally not biased favourite of them all.
Had to think of a seat for her, which led to this fun little seat for fine apples. Also, Apples.
And yea, I just had to also make an Applejack, I could not get around that. Applejack everywhere!


The other entries

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MomokaSan2013 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
WOW......... O.o so much color and shades its makin' me dizzy! <3 <3 <3
SelLillianna Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
wow :)
Ayaminaa Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
Ah :heart: The Queen of Apples.
MiltyClarise Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
omfg... This is AWESOMEEE ;.;
DoughnutJoe Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013
Maybe not the fanciest, but it's the most respectable chair of the lot. :)
TomFraggle Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013
This looks so awesome! :iconso-awesomeplz:
Telaros Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
I can't wait for her micro issue to finally come out <3 The colorist screwed up on her freckles by making them black, but thankfully it looks really cute on her anyways.
Comic looks pretty solid so far.

Love this little series you had going here. The Deelestia and Nightmare Luna are awesome. Well, all of them really. This one just happens to have a nicer angle to it. Love the pose and apple-cart throne of sorts hehe
AssasinMonkey Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'm having a hard time resisting getting into the comics haha (I can see the money flying away already)
If there's anything I read, it's comics. If there's any comic I read, it's Applejack's :P

Glad you like them :D Besides this being Applejack, I quite like that her throne came out more... "unique". They were all fun to do still
I might not win anything in the contest, but having made these was already a great result from it.
Telaros Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
I hear that! Though, I admit it would be pretty cool to see what you'd do for an AJ comic, sure you gotta have a bunch of stuff you'd like to see the farm pony do even if it was like a 3 panel comic or something :p

If it's any consolation, I would proudly walk the streets of my neighborhood with this amazing Apple Princess emblazoned on a nice black (possibly light brown, like a cinnamon) t-shirt.

You do great work. Love the new cuter style too btw. I think its quite fitting.
JaySG2010 Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
These are quite wonderful to look at. All themed nicely to each pony as well,
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