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December 27, 2013
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Luna Ops by AssasinMonkey Luna Ops by AssasinMonkey
Humans! Wait, Luna Human! Kinda a fan art?
Wanted to do some humans, try that out again and then with my newer techniques. Though also the "rougher" state, could've cleaned this up for way longer but decided to cut it shorter.

Actually started out as just a female pose, turned into sci-fi, I had sci-fi pony on my list... close enough.
Wanted to incorporate at least the horn. unfortunately didn't decide to build wings (visible) in here. Had fun designing the remaining armour though.
Including the "experiment" of the visor partly blocking her face, besides the entire head gear surrounding her head...
Practising the faces still though, I used to have a hard time with female faces, but it seems to be a lot easier to pull off for me now. Or just faces in general.

Hope y'all enjoy the human!

Approx time: 12 hours
Time Lapse:

Luna Ops [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Looks awesome! Reminds me of DeadSpace. It's kinda hard to find anything sci-fi that has to do with ponies. And anything you do find is ok, but usually either too dark, or is just something from a videogame or show/movie. Whereas this, is perfect
JDogindy Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great job here with this.
I think you pulled off the sharp contrast between the armour in shadow and direct sunlight very well. 
Colours tend to get suoer vibrant when they're under stronly lit conditions, it's easy to forget at times.
I particualarly love how this effect works on grass, how yellow and saturated it can get when lit.
As for the armour design I think you did a good job. Do you have any particular work flow when it comes to designing stuff like that?
I've never tried designing clothing and armour much in the past, so I'd have to pull up loads of reference, I imagine :D
AssasinMonkey Jan 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
With armour and clothing designs I at least start out with a body underneath, which I think is a general "rule" to getting proper clothing and such. Then for me it's kinda thinking of what's cool, which parts usually get armoured (vital areas for example), thinking up general shapes I want to go for in general and eventually try attaching it to her body while still being functional.
I often at least try to make everything theoretically functional.

Oh and minimal difference between female and male armour hehe. Females only get a bit more chest area at times but other than that the same stuff.
Luna as a sort of New Conglomerate infiltrator. ^v^
Looks a helluva lot like the New Conglomerate Heavy Assault armour from Planetside 2, well, at least the early armour appearance, they've changed it since (personally the repeating carapaces look much better than the single plate-block they put in its' place upon release)
Yeah it probs wasn't intentional and yeeeah, quite a few bronies w0t play PS2 like to associate the whole "rebellious Woona <333" (guh) with the whole Rebel NC thing.
But it looks cool nonetheless
Except the whole hair and horn poking out of the top of the helmet irks me, not so practical as I'd imagine.
AssasinMonkey Jan 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I guess it's indeed quite close to the NC indeed haha, lots of comments about it. Even if it wasn't meant to be. But at least it somewhat "fits" :)

The hair would indeed be slightly tight having to come out the center (unless she shaved the sides)
The horn was kinda meant as just a gear addition without any real horn underneath. Or at least, that's just an explanation behind it, not necessarily visible. A bit of an excuse to make a horn on a human a bit more logical hehe.
live free in the NC
Dashermkii Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is really great!
just want to know have you every played planetside 2? This looks a lot like NC armor.

Anyways Critique!
I want to start with you are one of the best artist I know and that you are way above my level. I just want to help out in anyway I can and since I always fround critique useful and you asked for it I will do my best to try and help.
The main thing I notice that is off with this is how the mask and the face ... I don't know the right word. Interact because the mask is larger then the face things that are centered on the mask should not be leveled with the face. Basically the features on the mask should be moved to the left or the face should be moved to the right.
I Love how the armor looks worn and the paint is chipping away Its a great look for the scene and I think you should use something similar to it when ever you want to try to make worn looking armor. It also looks great considering that the background looks grey and rusted.
The way that the foreground and background are not highly detailed is very helpful and help put the focus on Luna.


I can't find anything else to have faults with aside from the eyes look off but I think that is because the Mask is off set and makes the left eye not seem to fit inside her face.
Oh well more praise! 

I greatly enjoy the lighting and rustic old ruined look of the background.
I can't tell what those particles are Ashs? but they help add to the feeling a lot.

Wait why is she wearing hi tech armor, but fails to have any kinda weapon? just her horn i guess that works.
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