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December 7, 2013
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His Golden Prophecy by AssasinMonkey His Golden Prophecy by AssasinMonkey
These episodes are driving me to draw characters I've not drawn before!

First plan was Daring Do, but ended up making Ahuizotl. Darn cats though... they were photo bombing all my sketches.
Playing around again with partial showcasing I guess. Especially the cats haha, those were already trouble enough with just the heads. I even simplified some of them into the distance.
But still, why the long face Ahuizotl?

Anyhow, another weekly MLP S4 episode related art out!

Approx Time: 6 hours

His Golden Prophecy [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Love it, only thing would be that the eyes need a bit of work, it is almost looks like they are possessed in a way. The way it you have made it with multiple shades and not just a single block of colour on each part of the piece gives more depth and the way the cats have been created with just the head is something I haven't seen before, adds another dimension to the piece. All in all I would say if it was made as a wallpaper it would be on everyone of my device, keep up the good work.
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His prophecy will never happen as long as Daring do lives.
Holy damn thats intense very cool man like it heaps wow so impressive!!!
Nice.  Even the little fluffy white cat is fierce. 
Why the long face, Ahuizotl
Why the long face
the long face
long face
God damnit, Assasin Monkey, you're killing me :P
Nice rendering! It looks like you're playing around with some very saturated stuff.
I always get flabbergasted at how saturated some colours actually can be, given the right circumstances.
One tiny thing that comes to mind with the composition is how all heads are facing to the left.
It may mess a little with the balance, but that's pretty much all I noticice, good job!

AssasinMonkey Dec 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I've noticed I'm slightly adjusting how saturated I made my pieces over time indeed. This one shows it quite nicely I guess, although there's still that contrast with low saturation.

I can see the thing with the faces yea, in composition the direction a face looks at can be quite strong.
I guess one of the reasons I tried adding little sparks or embers flying in the opposite direction, to at least do... something hehe
Ahuizotl has one of the best designs in the show IMO with his crazy hand tail and stuff.
AssasinMonkey Dec 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
His design is indeed one of the uniques and they even did a nice job animating him :D
They're really pushing their skills nicely everywhere in the show.
Badass, that's all I can say.
That's some stunningly amazing piece of art there! oO
Plain awesome!
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