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November 30, 2013
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Daring Apple by AssasinMonkey Daring Apple by AssasinMonkey
Another week, another episode, another quick or rough day one art!
Of course Applejack, because I lacked that last time.

This part was the only scene where it just felt like I just had the idea behind it. Except that it took me a bit to find the right angle I wanted.
Had several sketches, even from other scenes, but when I took one to work on I changed the perspective to this. No regrets. (Can see the change in the WIP)

The style, the style!!! Feels so different, I guess because it's so directly show related my mind wanted to work closer to it in style. Could also just be that the expression is easier in it... really fun to do still (also, lots of open mouths lately)
Other than that, great fun playing around with this perspective, slightly mind bender as always, but heh, good enough.

Approx Time: 5,5 hours

Daring Apple [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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The atmosphere of this piece is really amazing, and the lighting is spot on.
The expression in applejack's face is amazing and the perspective just makes it come alive. I would suggest making planks of wood ore rough to add more texture and adding more strands of individual hair to make it flow. The lighting goes on top of AJ's hat to the left of the picture. A few edged can be smoothed out. But honestly overall the setting and just everything displayed in this picture is absolutely amazing. The motion is just so vivid in the way you blurred the rocks.
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Great motion blur on those rocks.  :thumbsup:
Sweet artwork
Wow! I really liked that scene and I love how you captured this moment! :heart:
batosan Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Great scene! Wonderful interpretation!
Serious credit for doing a piece per episode. That's some dedication ya got there.
I think you managed to capture the episode in a nutshell through this painting,
as soon as that first wall flipped I knew what kind of episode we could expect :P
It was really nice to see more of the old castle, it's so much bigger than the images I had in my head.
Don't worry about the style, it's always bound to fluxuate somewhat, but it's not bad at all!
AssasinMonkey Dec 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Gotta admit that I had my my head scratching trying to find something I was comfortable with for this episode. Last week was "easier" with all the big action going on :)

Still, this episode was awesome to watch, definitely a nice start with the new writer! And as a bonus exploring even more Equestria history, which is always awesome I'd say.
Amazing job! I love what you´ve done with the shading. The darkness that wraps the characters is impressive, the coloring is excellent and that storm is freaking awesome :D
And we're back to horrifying.
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