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About Digital Art / Professional Core Member Myron C. P.25/Male/Netherlands Groups :iconbest-of-mlp-fim: Best-of-MLP-FiM
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What art from my gallery first drew you in, made you watch, follow, or notice me otherwise? 

353 deviants said Random MLP art
294 deviants said MLP:FIM Episode Art
210 deviants said Applejack
141 deviants said First Contact War Universe
122 deviants said Nothing specific
77 deviants said Other
61 deviants said Rarijack



Feb 25, 2017
9:35 am
Feb 25, 2017
8:55 am
Feb 25, 2017
8:37 am
Feb 25, 2017
8:27 am
Feb 25, 2017
7:50 am


Myron C. P.
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Sneakiest part? Yes my name is missing the last "s".

You can support me here:

My live stream channel:

Check my Twitter feed for updates.

I read all comments, but won't be able to reply to everyone. I try to at least answer any questions when I can.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 4 Large

You can contact me for more or anything else through note, comment or the following e-mail








Monday In Action


[2300 UTC 17'-01-21] - [0430  UTC 17'-01-22]
Hour late, but here, although not sure how long it'll go




[2300 UTC 17'-01-23] - [0500 UTC 17'-01-24]
Mutli Midweek stream! Got slightly distracted ok, but now distraction by ponies



Faint Retinue
The First Contact War OC run gets another one from the Marem of the Equine I made a year ago.
I made #4 from a couple weeks ago in Marked Mare who was a favourite amongst them, although I always quite liked #1, maybe it's the freckles :P

One key aspect of all the OCs from the set is, they have no real known identity, no name, no job specifications, etc. That's something I've been wanting to keep to visual story telling here. One may almost assume that the Marem's looks may be deceiving, more dangerous or fierce than they may appear.

And oh gosh, I actually finished this, in one session. I kinda had some thoughts I might make this a two Saturday session piece, which would've been the smart choice, but I wanted to wait until detailing on the outer areas started. Then I just kept going, since those were decently manageable.

Inspired and looked at some historical paintings, assisting the overall style. But pony design and accompanying apparatus. Or well, just some armor and stuff lying around :P

Making this pose, with this shading, while trying to retain that physique and proportion 'from my usual style (with a bit from the reference too), can be fun tricky at times. I did take some liberties, though, to make the process easier. Thicken this, thin that, shorten here, lengthen there, etc.
She did also end up with a bit more visual... allure

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy this little green mare! (I remember choosing these colours to challenge and make them work, just a bit, color variation to not get stuck with specific hues)

Approx time: 12 hours
Photoshop CC
Faint Retinue [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

Support me on my Patreon to help keep all my work possible. Every little bit is much appreciated.
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Faint Retinue [WIP]
Faint Retinue by AssasinMonkey
I try to keep all WIPs free for everyone, but you can always support me on my Patreon to help keep all this possible. Every little bit is much appreciated.



  • Hoping it's not overexertion, although the alternative is it just being my burnout and all that which isn't that great of an option either, but I've just been a bit broken for a week now. Maybe it's also part just art block, but I know it's also more than that. Sometimes every day is a battle.

  • Oh gosh, today would be my 1000th deviation upload, according to the stats. Although I do know that that is probably this journal... since they count :XD:

  • I gotta remember to go further into selling these Apples & Gems (Rarijack) calendars I have. It's already 2017 which is the year they're for. I do already know international (anything outside Netherlands) shipping will be either $4 or $7, depending on the eventual weight. The calendars I'd probably reduce to $20 for now since we already missed nearing 2 months.
    But it's something I meant to do 2 months ago... Darnit.

  • Many other things that should be in my mind, but I'm not grasping those memories as of now...

    1900 - 0930 UTC

MLP:FIM Episode Art
(Woops, forgot to edit this part for months now)
While I did Episode Art for MLP:FIM Season 4, 5 and 6. I may not exactly be doing the same for the next Season 7. I'll still make art related to the episode, but not in regular fashion as I did before. I'll take a more flexible approach and only make something if I really feel like it or there's something that's worth making from the episodes. And possibly also remove the stress of completing and finishing it in one session, unless it's really worthy.

For more info on my episode art:
MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

Want to see what I've made so far?
Season 5 Art folder
Season 6 Art Folder

Saturday Livestream @~ 2000 - 2100 UTC

On my Picarto

Be sure to check out the Equestria Daily Saturday Livestream post with all the other art and artists, once it's up on EQD:…

Last Saturday's Finished art:

It was quite a... different result  haha. I rarely do something this different. But it was interesting to show myself working outside of my comfort zone. Cutting corners elsewhere than the usual :P

Going all Kawaii Apple Apple, and even a most basic animated version.

Fall Fresh by AssasinMonkey

Animated: Fall Fresh [GIF] by AssasinMonkey

Week's Recap

No midweek uploads. Wasn't feeling it, art block, burnout, other stuff, more. Wasn't a great week. But I gotta keep on rolling I guess, even if it's at a snails pace.

Next week's Plan:

Midweek streams are a regular now on at least the Tuesday and Thursday around 2200 UTC !!!

My 2 funbits

I had an old poll! I tried reply to all comments here. So many already, though! I didn't really expect that. But it is a fun topic I'd say.





monday in action


[2230 UTC 17'-02-14] - [0100 UTC 17'02-15]
Just an average day... or is it?1




[2230 UTC 17'-02-16] - [0400 UTC 17'-02-17]



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