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Aug 22, 2014
8:32 pm
Aug 22, 2014
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Aug 22, 2014
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Aug 22, 2014
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Aug 22, 2014
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AssasinMonkey has started a donation pool!
1,775 / 2,303
This pool will go into my premium membership.
If you want to you may donate, it'll be much appreciated! Just don't feel forced, even a watch or simply checking out my work is worth an awesome.

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This Saturday I'll have to start something new, with Little Gryphy's short story rounded. I remember the poll about what aspect, with reasons of conflict being a strong vote and Equines a second spot. Maybe I'll combine them.

It'll be
First Contact War any way.

Saturday Livestream @ 2000 UTC

Be sure to check out the Equestria Daily Saturday Livestream post with all the other art and artists, once it's up on EQD:…

Last Saturday's Finished art:

Little Gryphy's story was concluded! A short story.

Little Gryphy #00 - FCW Short Story by AssasinMonkey
Page 1: Little Gryphy #01 - FCW Short Story by AssasinMonkey Page 2: Little Gryphy #02 - FCW Short Story by AssasinMonkey Page 3: Little Gryphy #03 - FCW Short Story by AssasinMonkey

Daily Stream Week Recap

This week had a bunch of short streams with little things. One of them was Applejack though, which I then combined together with some older pieces to make an upload.

PosterPonPonies by AssasinMonkey

Also, I did a tutorial (to fill in the 2 Funbits journal spot for this week)
Recovering sketch from Background layer (in PS) by AssasinMonkey          

Next week's daily stream Plan:

Need to get my Patreon stuff rolling if I want to get it up by the end of this month. At the same time I'm also making progress on commissions.
My biggest issue at the moment, I think, is I'm lacking in my new commission responses. I need to figure out my new prices because I really have to get back to y'all.

It's also an important week for Jagaco... heh oh gosh.

My 2 funbits

Instead of a journal this week, I had the tutorial, linked above.

Have the journals down below, though.

My 2 Funbits - Nicknames and CupcakesSo last week I had a short question 2 funbit, not covering a topic but rather asking if there's perhaps some topics on people's mind they'd like to hear about. Reading this monkey rant about something!
PS: I'm always open to hear your suggestions at any time.
There were some mentions such as lighting, usernames and cupcakes.
Lighting is a big one, which I'd love to cover someday, though I feel like I need some proper images with it.
It's one I hadn't really had on my list yet until now that is. So in the future.
That leaves the other 2, a bit more out there and random perhaps but I suppose that's what I had in mind for 2 funbits as well. Things of all kind that might have to do with, well... this all here.
Ok, so nicknames and cupcakes?
"How about what may make someone choose a particular username? I always feel indecisive when it comes to that myself.My own nickname is probably what I'm most familiar with. It actually
My 2 Funbits - Keeping ideas flowingTime for another 2 funbit!
I always worry whether I'll be able to type something useful...
I try to keep these journals going every 1 or 2 weeks, typing about something personal, art in a hopefully fun or informative way :)

Title says a lot I think, but there can be a good depth to it.
It is something I've not really looked in to or put a lot of conscious thought in, so I'll try to dissect some of my steps or approaches. This topic also has a bit to do with staying motivated or getting inspired but I'll keep it a bit more on ideas in general. Keeping a pool of concepts going or allowing new ones to flow in, plus some additional little things you can try out to maybe help you out or give you new ideas on how to approach it.

You know what they say, Never enough Applejacks.
So first off, what's an idea, a concept or something else?
Ideas are mostly just floating around in your mind at first, something you can work out into a concept
My 2 Funbits - Faces of many stylesThis bad monkey skipped last week's 2 funbit. Unsure whether I'll actually keep a strict weekly schedule or change it to bi-weekly and a soft schedule. They've upped in effort I think, adding pictures and what-not.
Anyhow, to the topic, it's a pretty one, or ugly.
As usual, my 2 funbits are little journals where I talk about a topic and write down my view on it or other words. Hopefully being interesting or even informative. So let's get started.
No guarantee this one is properly typed...
A face someone can love, whether someone actually will...
Thought I'd talk about faces, with all the faces I've been through and am still exploring, changing, fine-tuning, forgetting and what not. Especially all those pony faces.
Humanized faces are something as well, though they're a lot closer to what most of us already see in a daily basis.
The recreation of the show style into ones own style is always interesting. For me, going with heavily shaded, I need a lot of defined shapes. Which can
My 2 Funbits - Designing creatures from withinDoing another Funbit, although I'm not sure how big this one will be compared to last week. That one was pretty filled and complete with images and such heh. I'll try!
For those new, my 2 Funbits are where I talk about little bits, hopefully fun. Trying to have a bit of relevance to art, but I might not be able to guarantee that.
A collection of my previous topics and journals will be gather here:
Last week I had quite an interesting topic I believe, about Speed Paintings vs Time Lapses and their differences or confusions.
Trying to get close to that level, I'll try talking about something art at least. Although a bit ambiguous one perhaps?
Designing creatures from within, what's my goal with me choosing that? I'm hoping it can start showing different ways of designing something, to maybe help you go outside of the box. It's something I've done in the past to switch things up, to break me out of the way I designed creatures
My 2 Funbits - Speed Paint vs Time LapseWanted to do this 2 funbit yesterday but I forgot! especially bad since I skipped last week, oh my. For those unfamiliar, this is where I cover a slightly random topic to share my 2 bits, or funbits. Hopefully being either interesting, entertaining or perhaps even revealing?
I'll try to keep these going every week, there's a lot of potential topics on my list, as long as they all end up interesting enough when I actually get to them.
(If you have any topics yourself you'd like my to talk about let me know!)
I'll collect all the previous topics in this stash file here:
This topic is one of my own little "pet peeves" I admit. Since both have a very defined meaning to me.
As some of you might know I have some video on youtube that show my art sped up, which I call time lapses.
Now I know there's videos out there who actually call the same thing speed paint, but what's the reason behind that difference?
For me the answer is fairly simple (simple but comple
My 2 Funbits - My Pony HistoryHey folks,
This is my 2 Funbits which I usually included in my Saturday Journals. It's where I just take an interesting topic and type a bit about it, for fun just a bit.
You can find the list of journals that contained my previous topics here:
I actually needed to post this 2 days ago, but since this week had something going on, I thought I'd wait until the right moment for now.
Next week I'll try to have them on Tuesday/Wednesday.
This one is also going to be longer than normal.
As for today's topic, since I went around the sun again today I thought to look back at what this marks... 2 years ago. Which was when I made my first pony related art, starting talking online taking active part in the fandom. It was also the time I graduated from college so I suddenly had... time.
So here's a little breakdown of some progression steps I had back then.
The first sketches

"Lets do this!"
Just look at th



Been meaning to ask this question for too long. My daily stream journals, yay or neigh? 

75 deviants said Yay! Keep them the way they are
19 deviants said Maybe... just a slight adjustment here or there (Clarify in comments)
14 deviants said Neigh! Change them (Clarify in comments)

Journal History


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What's more ? You seem to work really fast on very cool and detailed, various pieces.
Damn, sir, you're just too cool !! :la: 
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