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What art from my gallery first drew you in, made you watch, follow, or notice me otherwise? 

324 deviants said Random MLP art
260 deviants said MLP:FIM Episode Art
191 deviants said Applejack
134 deviants said First Contact War Universe
117 deviants said Nothing specific
68 deviants said Other
57 deviants said Rarijack



Jul 23, 2016
12:09 pm
Jul 23, 2016
12:00 pm
Jul 23, 2016
11:50 am
Jul 23, 2016
11:46 am
Jul 23, 2016
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Myron C. P.
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Sneakiest part? Yes my name is missing the last "s".

You can support me here:

My live stream channel:

Check my Twitter feed for updates.

I read all comments, but won't be able to reply to everyone. I try to at least answer any questions when I can.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 4 Large

You can contact me for more or anything else through note, comment or the following e-mail




Appleaction by AssasinMonkey
Random quick Applejack piece. At least not as little time spend on it than the name of it haha.
Still, this went a bit faster than I thought. But I knew I was keeping it rough. New concept, a bit, designing outfit from nothing, so I tried to get back into that flow I used to do when I did more design work like such. Although this roughness isn't a necessity for it...

Anyhow, I guess I never have enough Apples, still, forever. I suppose I also tried to add some more action lines again. Why I probably went with anthro, as I tend to allow myself to be a bit more flexible with it than with ponies. When not deliberately thinking about it.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy a little more apples.

Approx Time: 5 hours
Photoshop CC
Appleaction [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

Support me on my Patreon to help keep all my work possible. Every little bit is much appreciated.
.:Bullet:. Patreon Patreon  | Picarto Icon Livestream | :youtube: Youtube | Twitter Twitter
Appleaction [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
Appleaction [WIP]
Appleaction by AssasinMonkey
I try to keep all WIPs free for everyone, but you can always support me on my Patreon to help keep all this possible. Every little bit is much appreciated.



  • Back from BronyCon! Such an adventure. Well the first day went kinda bad, but after that it went smooth! So many people, so many things happened once again. Will I be able to get a journal together for this? Gosh I do hope so, despite my bad track record of putting up con journals.

  • Now the normal routine will go back in, kinda. Next cons have to be planned already, episode art soon as well. And more new developments await.

  • This Saturday Stream will be random art most likely, getting back into the game, talking about the con experiences, and more.
  • For those interested in seeing some stuff I got from BronyCon and the like, I'm currently in the process of sharing some pictures on my twitter

  • Physically I also survived decently. Just the normal pains as usual. But not some of the more severe more serious ones. They thankfully healed up right before the con, at least to the point it didn't exactly hurt, but may have still impacted my abilities. But thanks to friends I was able to limit my physical load a bit, although I didn't always let them hehe.

  • But the trip was good mentally as well. I kinda needed that I guess. Especially with so many new faces, the awesome moments, big art groups/art jams. Oh gosh. The panels, all that other stuff, vending (with actual stuff) Thank's y'all.

  • Up time this time : 1900 UTC - 0630 UTC

MLP:FIM Episode Art
Season 6 has started! This means episode art again every Saturday Stream (except during Cons, then it's midweek stream)

For more info on my episode art:
MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

Want to see what I've made so far?
Season 5 Art folder
Season 6 Art Folder

Saturday Livestream @~ 1800 - 1900 UTC

On my Picarto

Be sure to check out the Equestria Daily Saturday Livestream post with all the other art and artists, once it's up on EQD:…

Last Saturday's Finished art:

I did make stuff during BronyCon, but mostly just sketch page, joining in on some art jams, all digital style, while almost everyone else was fancy on paper
But the Saturday Before that I did make Applejack!
BronyCon'16 Sketchpage by AssasinMonkey
Some little appul by AssasinMonkey

Week's Recap

I hoped to stream, but with BronyCon, and paperwork following, jetlag and all that, I kinda missed the hours I wanted to. I need to fix that next week, though!

Next week's Plan:

I really do want to get midweek streams going, create some fun, and all that. I need to! Hoping for some new developments as well to make it more interesting, or just new things done. Basically... stuff happening.

My 2 funbits

I had an old poll! I tried reply to all comments here. So many already, though! I didn't really expect that. But it is a fun topic I'd say.

BronyCon'16 Sketchpage by AssasinMonkey
BronyCon'16 Sketchpage
The raw image sketch page from BronyCon! Made during two nights, both art jams with a bunch of artists.

This new phone allowed me to join in with it, although it does make it hard to share. Can't really pass around the paper for people to look at, heh.

All made on Galaxy Note 4

AM @ BronyCon, vending and panels!

Sun Jul 3, 2016, 7:35 PM

It's that time of the year, this weekend's BronyCon time that is! And I'm participating even more this time around. Doing both vending, being on a panel and hosting my own!

Marketplace Exhibitor Booth #414

I'll be sharing a corner booth with SilFoe, so be sure to stop by if you're interesting in some prints from either of us.
My primary stock will consist of posters (11x17) with over 30 different designs available. Some vary in supply, so there's no telling how fast some will sell out, but I could only take a limited amount.

Amongst the designs will be my recent Mane 6 VA series which will be available in 11x17, A4 and A5 sizes.
Twilight in Daylight by AssasinMonkeyCalm Excitement by AssasinMonkeyHaving a Ball by AssasinMonkeyA Rare Sight by AssasinMonkey

Other than posters I'll also have my Rarijack calendar and postcards available, select few wallscrolls and small amount of drunk Applejack mugs!
One Apple a Cider by AssasinMonkey

Of course you can also just say hi.

PanelPonkey2 by AssasinMonkey

The panels!

"A Monkey's Art Talk"

Friday, 11 PM, Hall of the Moon
"I will talk about my own experiences, creations, failures, struggles, and steps through the inspiring universe of pony art, with Q&A to follow."

My personal panel, featuring... oh gosh.... just me?!
It'll be a bunch of art talk, a bit about myself, but also about the universe of art, how I see it and how I see the world included in it. (yes, that means everyone out there) This universe includes everyone, and everyone is important to it. I'll be trying to explain why that is, how and what, and all that. I hope to inspire and motivate artists from aspiring to experienced, but also just those who appreciate and look at art.

I'll be open for any art related questions, generic or directed at me personally. I'll try to answer them the best I can.

PS: I may or may not have also chosen that name so I could say "AM AT BronyCon panel"

"BronyCon Art Panel"

Saturday, 8:30 PM, Hall of the Sun
"Take a peek into the minds of some of the fandom's brightest artists—hoof-picked by our Events staff—at BronyCon's second artist panel. Each artist will discuss a few of their favorite pieces as they give an inside glimpse into their process."

An honour to be included in this again, amongst 7 other amazing creators, along the lines of: Earthsong9405, Tsitra360, dennyvixen, SilverSlinger, JaDeDJynX, TsaoShin and NCMares !!!

Be sure to stop by for the awesome folks.

You can find the full BronyCon schedule here:

Now it's time for me to actually prepare all the last many things I still gotta do haha.
Hope to see y'all there!

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mlp-and-anime-rock Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
it will mean a lot. i mean A LOT if you could find spare time or when you're bored, can you please make my Oc skyla? se is in my gallery folder.
AplReach Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Student General Artist
Once again, thank you a lot good sir for them Mane 6 VA pictures. I got one of each from you on BronyCon and got them signed by the respective VAs. Now I only need to procure frames X3
thepinkapocalypse Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I found your artwork through tumblr and I like your style. I know you must be super busy if you don't mind me asking who exactly is your favorite to least favorite of the mane 6 in order?
ArtPonyMDP Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Just wanted to say you're my favourite  pony artist, I wish i had that level of skill with a tablet and digital art.
AuliaNuzilal Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy *sorry late* birthday ^^ i love your art ^^
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday, and I hope you had an awesome day!
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{Happy birthday, Myron.} =)
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